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Victoria Floral Artists Guild

About Us

The Victoria Floral Artists Guild promotes the enjoyment of floral design by inspiring members to develop their skill and creativity in all aspects of floral design.

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Upcoming Events

2021 Program for January - March 2021:

January: A Zoom Powerpoint presentation of the December and January Parlour Show designs and a Zoom tutorial including muting, changing your display name, speaker view, chat function, etc.

February: A Zoom Powerpoint presentation of the February Parlour Show designs and a Zoom presentation of What is in Your Tool Kit: What Every Took Kit Needs: essentials, glue dots, kenzan, oasis, chickenwire, tape, tools etc., and a Zoom tour of our website.

March: A Zoom presentation of the March Parlour Show designs and Zoom demonstrations of An Overview of Classic and Contemporary Designs, and the differences between them.

Parlour Show Themes for January - May 2021:

January: The Afterglow of Christmas. Use leftover materials from festive designs and re-purpose them into a new arrangement!

February: Hearts and Flowers in classic or contemporary design.

March: Wearing the Green

April: A Host of Golden Daffodils

May: Honouring a Significant Woman in your Life and matching the arrangement to her personality.


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