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Victoria Floral Artists Guild

About Us

The Victoria Floral Artists Guild promotes the enjoyment of floral design by inspiring members to develop their skill and creativity in all aspects of floral design.

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Upcoming Events

2024 Program Victoria Floral Artists Guild – Fun Through Flowers

July 9 (Garth Homer Centre)

"Pave Design" workshop

Virtual Parlour Show Themes - Fireworks (design with lights/illumination); Fruits of Summer (a design incorporating fruits and/or vegetables)

August 10 and 11 (Horticultural Centre of the Pacific)

2024 Arts & Music Festival - The Guild will have an information booth at the festival and a one installation - a large floral frame in which visitors can take their photograph

August 13 (Garth Homer Centre)

Demonstration – Dutch/Lush Design

In-Person Parlour Show Themes - Buxom and Bodacious (a lush design); Summer Fun (a design that incorporates opposites, like metal and feathers)

August 31 - September 2 (Saanich Fairgrounds)

Floral demonstrations and workshops will be presented at the Guild's booth.

September 10 (Garth Homer Centre)

"Miniature Design" demonstration.

Planning for Floral Art Passion: Celebrating 55 years of Floral Design show.

Virtual Parlour Show Themes - Facelift (decorated mask or floral fascinator); Intersecting Lines (a contemporary design using two triangles)

October 8 (Garth Homer Centre)

55th Anniversary Party of the Guild, with slide show retrospective

Virtual Parlour Show Themes - Flower Farm Finale (a layered horizontal design incorporating local, seasonal flowers); Yin and Yang (two different sided design)

October 26 (Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall)

Floral Art Passion: Celebrating 55 years of Floral Design: the Guild's floral design show is open to the public and will feature floral demonstrations, vase and floral design sales and a tea garden.                                              

November 12 (Garth Homer Centre)

End-of- Year Party - Guest Designer and Seasonal Designs


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